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November 2008

Sorry it has been so long

Life, oh what it brings. I have decided that I want to go to San Antonio for the Seminar in January.  My husband heard it was close to the Alamo and now it has turned into a Winter Vacation.  Now we are finding out about plane tickets.  It is cheaper for us (abt 200) to fly out of Tulsa, but the tickets are non refundable, and winter in OK/AR can be quite interesting in January.  So we are still discussing avenues but at the moment looks like monday we are booking flights/plane and so on.

But with a "sudden" vacation comes gathering funds.  I am a computer geek  by nature and do things on the side for family.  So now I am working another job part time in computer repair to make the required money to go.  Ironically I had to take "MY" computer to best buy for  hard drive replacement.  Something I am very capable of doing and would only take a couple of long did best buy take?  2 weeks! ok, so anyway....I have been creating, but not very much.  This month I have not felt stomach is trying to rear its ugly head so between my stomach, my job and my extra job I have been busy. 

But I do have something to share:  Vicki from Hooks Happenings had posted a darling little folder planner, I made one kind of simular using the Simply Christmas and the basic grey figgy pudding I had hear.  I am quite happy with it:


Stamps: Simply Christmas, Christmas Season
Ink: Burnt Sienna
Paper: Green Bazzill, Figgy Pudding - Basic Grey
Accessories: Copics, Transcendance Embossing Powder, Computer Quote, Misc Ribbon