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Rubberstamp Storage


I use the sterlite drawers from walmart.  They cost about 3.50 each and are 4X6 in the drawer.  For the stamps I mount them on 4X6 acrylic strips.  These are then labeled and the stamps are mounted and put in a plastic baggie that I buy at the dollar tree for 1.00.



here is an example of the inside of one of my boxes.  This box has about 48 stamp sets, but these are larger sets so they are double sided.

You can not see it real well, but the larger stamp sets (alpha and some older large sets) I put them in the clamshells on the bottom shelf.

It has be a LONG time

Well, this year I finally got my dream scrapbook room.  My husband bought me a complete shelving system.  It is made by Best Scrapbook Shelf.  I tell you it is the best on the market by far!  Below are some pictures of my new cabinets:


Here is a picture of my triple wide cabinet.  It is in walnut and black so it is impossible to see well in the picture.  I have a double beside it.

The tall tower to the left is an ek success paper tower.  in the back corner is the sterlite shoe boxes for misc stuff.


Here is my new and messy desk.  I took this picture after doing some work for the office, so yes you see 2 computers.  The desk has 20 2" drawers and 40 1" drawers total.  By far this is my favorite item.  But feed your helper wheaties before assembly.  Each piece of this set is 100 lbs!



This is the cart that I bought for the cricut.  It also has 6 drawers and 9 paper trays.  I wanted my trays to slide out, so I dont' have as many paper trays in mine.


here is a 1" drawer in my desk that has *some* of my ink.  As you can see it will hold a good number of the small petals.


This is a two inch drawer.  It nicely holds the ATG gun and some refills.


This is a 3" drawer.  They can hold a bunch of the punches.  Purple punches fit but not very many!


Remember the Quickutz Magpie shelves?  here are three of them in the bottom of the hutch.  I flipped them so the drawer is on top.  There is about 1.5" between the shelves and the bottom of the hutch.  This allows me to put order forms and my rulers there.

Tune in tomorrow and I will show you how I store my stamps in my new room!